The Different Elements Of ECM Document Management -


The Different Elements Of ECM Document Management

By Loris F. Anders

Content management is not a new issue. It has long been a concern of organizations. Presently there is ECM, which means electronic content management. The issue of ECM document management should be given the seriousness that it deserves. It involves a number of aspects including capture, aggregation, indexing, and collaboration. The lifeblood of any company is information.

Over the years, people have defined ECM in different ways. The first definition was in late 2005. It defined it as a technology used to capture, store, manage, deliver, and preserve content and documents related to the business. The definition of 2008 said that ECM is more than just a technology. It also includes strategies, methods, and tools.

First and foremost, ECM will start with the capturing process. Files are available in different formats. On one hand, there are electronic files. On the other hand, there are paper and scanned files. There is the need to find the best way to capture information from a particular medium. It is highly advisable for electronic files to have metadata.

Capturing information from electronic files is not a hard thing. The biggest challenge comes with scanned files. There are technologies that have been designed to specifically capture information from these kinds of files. One of such technologies is handprint character recognition. The other is called optical character recognition. With this technology, the images will end up being alpha numeric characters.

The aggregation process will come after the capturing affair. This will simply involve the organizing of the various files. The end result will be the unifying of data that has been obtained from the various sources. There will also be the indexing process. This will improve the searches. Manual indexing can be done. Alternatively, there can be automatic indexing using software.

Finally, there will be document management. There are a number of issues that are involved in this phase. One of such matters is web content management. As a matter of fact, an organization can have a good deal of information in its web portals. Such information will require effective management. There will also be collaboration so that it is easy to share documents.

The power of information must never be underestimated at any moment in time. The world runs on information. That is why the World Wide Web is sometimes called the information superhighway. Organizations also run on information. The different pieces of information are usually stored in documents. These need to be managed in a secure manner so that to prevent leakages.

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