How Collaborative Technology Can Benefit The AS9100 Consultant Sector -


How Collaborative Technology Can Benefit The AS9100 Consultant Sector

By Timothy Bennett

With the increased use of technology in everything we partake in as people, including our personal lives, it is no wonder that those same technologies would make their presence known. The use of discussion forums, virtual based conferences and the use of webcams to communicate with other members and as9100 consultant internally or externally, is becoming the normality nowadays.

So the classroom has undergone a huge makeover consisting of whiteboards and interactive technological devices at the fingertips of the next generation. But what does this all mean for the person forking out the dollars that just keep on rising with each year like an app update? Well for starters it means that the best and newest teaching methods are available with immediate effect, but it also means that the use of collaborative technology has changed the way in which children learn.

The main benefit of using technology like this is the availability of communication tools that are at one s disposal in order for a person or group to use in the completion of a task. The best part of these communication tools is that they allow for a sharing of data via a variety of methods which most people use on a daily basis already.

Emails, voicemails and even the internet browsers are all great examples of the communication tools that can be used because not only are they able to synchronize but also allow for the sharing of a variety of data to third parties. Meaning there is no need to buy fancy software that requires upgrading later when the latest updates or patches are pushed onto the consumer.

The arm of collaborative technology stretches far and wide, and is able to cater to different kinds of businesses even if they are considered to be a niche. Anything from knowledge management, the creation of knowledge as well as how it is shared can be administered from an application specifically designed to assist with the needs that need to be filled.

Physical teaching methods can be easily aided by virtual ones in order to give a clearer picture and greater understanding of the subject material being taught. No longer does the use of technology need to be a separate part of a learning process when complex problems can be simplified before their eyes in order to make them easier.

Lastly, collaborative technology has another function other than to communicate and allow for the sharing of information to be easier and that function is to facilitate a reconciliation of said data. It might sound technical but it simply means that activities that include or affect more than one person can be managed easier through the use of electronic calendars and workflow systems to make things easier.

The art of teaching will roughly stay unchanged but how it goes about being executed is up for debate. With more and more children growing up with technology it s only wise to integrate it into their curriculum.

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