How Atlanta Total Merchant Services Work -


How Atlanta Total Merchant Services Work

By Jaxson N. Renderos

When owning a business, the income you make from sales is your lifeblood. You need a reliable way to to do it, whether you have a physical store, an online website, or both. In the case of a physical store, you will need to be able to take every form of payment imaginable, including checks and debit cards. An Atlanta Total Merchant Services can help you with all of these payments.

You will get a variety of clients in your store, and some will want to use checks or cash. But most will likely expect you to be able to accept their credit card or debit cards as payment. Many people no longer carry cash or checks, so accepting cards is a must.

For websites, a virtual system needs to be set up. This means good software that is secure, on a website that is also secure. A good merchant service can provide encryption that ensures your customer information is safe from hackers. The same program can also set up recurring billing in case the customer wants monthly or periodic deliveries, such as subscription boxes.

For physical stores, you need terminals and card readers. The newest card readers allow the customer to simply tap their card onto the electronic pad. Many buyers now have credit or debit cards with a chip in them that allows for more secure transactions, so your terminal should be able to accept these.

You will need a way to wring up the purchases before the customer can even pay. If you have your own PC or Mac, the merchant service can sell you software to install. If not, they can often supply the computer as well if you need it.

In order to get customers in the physical or virtual door, some people run advertisements or contests. Should you run a contest, providing winners with a gift card to your store is a sure fire way to make more sales and possibly get them to come back. Merchant services can set up a gift card program, They can even help you establish a loyalty program that gives points or other incentives to repeat customers, who use a full size or mini size card to get points credited to their accounts with every purchase.

For the handful of people who write checks still, you certainly want their business, but it comes with the risk of a returned check and big financial losses. To prevent this, ensure you have a system that automatically debits their money from the account to prevent losses.

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