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Skills Of A Good Certified Hotel Administrator

By Stephen Ellis

Different colleges and other institutions of learning give both academic and professional qualifications after sitting a given examination. Certified hotel administrator is regarded as the most valuable certification among all other hotel manager certifications. It is due to the rigorous procedures that one passes through before attaining it. To attain the qualification, one has to be a general manager or assistant in that capacity having adequate proven experience. The following are skills to have to get certified.

Human resources management expertise. Management of people is a very crucial aspect that is accepted by someone having the qualification. You will have a wide range of activities which deal entirely with people. For an executive officer, one will be in charge of various departments and also lines of production which ought to be controlled and managed well. The ability to manage employees enables the administrator to carry out duties effectively.

Possess property management skills. As a manager, some of the responsibilities is to take care of hotel properties at all times. Take good records of properties available, assign duties to different people regarding the monitoring of every asset that the firm has. Ensure that people responsible carry out necessary repairs to bring the long term assets that are available to optimum efficiency.

Make sound judgment. Always follow the rightful procedures in the making of any judgment however small it may be. Identify the problem at hand and look for necessary information and data regarding the situation. Carry out a thorough investigation into the problem and obtain the findings which will enable you to reach a good conclusion effectively. Include others in the decision making and take their input positively. Implement the decision and do frequent reviews for control purposes.

Practical skills. Having some hands-on experience in doing some chores is ideal for your working in a hotel. Know how to do some simple things that may matter such as making follow-ups and even cooking. You can then easily determine flaws in the process when something goes bad. Physically take part in performing some tasks with other members of a department. You can easily realize the need in a given department.

Sharing of experience helps. Many other employees would want to get your experiences so that they can be motivated to work harder or better. The motivation can make them grow in their career. Be ready to share your story about the journey you have taken and the success story. Be positive in your presentation so that they can positively receive it for the betterment of an organization. Be ready to be consulted now and then especially from juniors who will want to know the steps to success.

Keeping pace with change is critical. The level of expertise that the hotel administrator has is something that must be improved now and then due to the changing nature of the industry practices. Many processes come up which may be entirely new, and to be efficient, one will be required to do a lot of continuous improvement.

Adequacy of the knowledge and expertise in the hotel activities makes one perform optimally. The above skills are very key to enable hoteliers to work effectively. It will be easier to achieve the targets of the organization due to the motivation and esteem that the certification creates.

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