Usefulness Of Homeowner Association Management -


Usefulness Of Homeowner Association Management

By Elizabeth Sullivan

Without a doubt, the common grounds of a condominium community or a planned neighborhood should be taken care of. Having a manager is vital so that there is someone who will make certain that the members have a safe as well as pleasant place to live.

Aside from making sure that the community laws are enforced, the manager also has to care for the common buildings and community grounds. As part of the homeowner association management, this person will be tasked to handle financial aspects too so that the dues paid by the members are used and collected appropriately.

What usually happens is that managers are tasked to represent the members of the community. They usually represent owners of condominium properties and residents. However, they can also represent other types of residents such as those living in other groups or residences using common grounds and owning property in planned neighborhoods. Managers in this field can also manage common properties controlled by cooperatives.

The main duty of the manager is to see and make sure that the common grounds are properly maintained. Majority of the time, this involves ensuring that garages, parking lots, parks, playgrounds, pools and landscapes are clean and well maintained. In addition, the manager takes care of maintenance of golf courses, fitness facilities, recreational rooms and club houses.

Another thing that the manager does is handle the financial matters of a specific community. The individuals does not only create financial statements, but prepares budgets and provide financial statements too. Fees are collected from members on a monthly basis. These will be collected and managed by the manager. Handling of complaints is another task. These should be responded. Of course, a satisfactory solution should be placed.

For those aspiring to become one, several requirements should be met. The place and employer will decide what the requirements are. Some people with high school diploma can easily land this type of job. On the contrary, there are communities that employ only those equipped with a degree especially in business. A candidate with experience will also have an edge over those without.

For a manager to excel in this field, the individual should be willing to go an extra mile. His or her options include seeking a professional designation or certification. Being updated is vital especially in terms of the advances and changes in the industry. It would not only help the individual be a good manager but become a valuable one.

After all, associations need a manager that is capable of overseeing and representing their interests may the person be managing a group of residences, condominium properties or some neighborhoods. Sometimes, a new manager will need to undergo some training so that the person will learn the needs and policies of the community and residents. Of course, the person should be open and understanding considering the different types of people he or she needs to deal with.

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