The Security Of Cloud Document Management -


The Security Of Cloud Document Management

By Loris F. Anders

When it comes to management and storage of documentation, it can often be difficult to decide which system provides the best security. Depending on how often access is necessary whether to edit, print, review or share information, cloud document management and storage systems can often be better than others. For, editing, printing, reviewing and sharing can all be done from remote locations.

Documentation stored in the cloud is often easily accessible for edits and printing. Whereas, when storing documentation in a file cabinet or at a remove physical location, access is often far more difficult. As such, a number of individuals and offices are now turning to this new technology.

In some businesses, there is a requirement as to how long certain documents must be kept on file. For those with numerous customers, filing space can run out rather quickly. As such, files are then sent to another location for safe keeping.

In most cases, documents can be printed at a moment's notice. Although, there are times when even remote systems can be down for maintenance or effected by natural disasters. As such, individuals and offices may still want to keep a back up copy of the most important documents on a local thumb drive or other storage device.

Whether a business or individual, most often those using this new technology find doing so quite beneficial. For, not only can it save time and money but also allow for a more spacious work environment. In addition, it also allows the ability for more employees to work from home.

Like with all documentation storage and management systems, security is often a concern. As such, it is still advised that companies and individuals keep back up copies in the cloud while keeping originals of any documents on a thumb drive, personal filing cabinet or storage house.

For the most part, storage and management of documentation in the cloud is as secure as that of other locations. Although, with all the hacking into various systems, it is often advised that one places file protection on documents. For, while that may not eliminate hackers form gaining access, it may be harder for one to do so.

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