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Different Onboarding Forms Southern CA Authorities Insist On And The Roles They Play

By Ann Stone

Hiring a new staff member should also involve gathering all their relevant information. This you can do, as an employer, through providing them with the various onboarding forms Southern CA agencies recommend. Here are different types of such paperwork and their roles.

You should start by providing each new hire with a well drafted welcoming letter. It is critical that you warmly welcome every new hire if they are get to get a sense of belonging. Ideally, the letter should address them using a formal, but warm tone. Still, it needs to be printed on your company letter head that also provides the various contact details that the staff may find valuable.

Every new recruit in your company needs to fill Form W4 before they can get their first paycheck. There are a number of things that should be included in such a document. These include the marital status of the worker, a list of their dependents and any other relevant withholding tax information. Employers are not allowed to guide their new hires on how to best fill in such details.

Every new hire should also fill a job application form. They have to do this even when they have already submitted their curriculum vitae for their position. There are a number of things that they need to declare in their application. These include their educational background and contacts of former employers. Still, it is important that the recruit signs that the details they have provided are true.

It is also critical to ascertain that your new staff is eligible for employment in the United States. This you should do through having them complete Form I9 and asking them to provide proof of eligibility. Therefore, be sure to verify the validity of the birth certificate or green card that every recruit submits. If you are a large employer, installing an electronic verification system for this purpose is recommended.

From the moment a new staff joins you organization, you should have their general information. It is therefore critical to provide them with a form where they can fill in such details. Some of the data that they have to provide include their full names, date of birth, contact addresses such as phone numbers etc. Also, they should provide the names and contacts of their next of kin to be contacted in case of any eventuality.

It is also important to register every recruit with your state new hire system. Such a registration provides the relevant agencies with the details they need to collect child support remittances from such workers. As an employer, you should therefore contact the relevant state agencies to find out about the details they need. Some jurisdictions require that employers make certain deductions and remit to the relevant authorities.

You need to also offer every new staff with an employee handbook. It is vital that they spend the first few days of joining your company on going through the document. Still, it is vital that you take them through some of the most critical chapters of such a manual. Be sure that every recipient of the manual acknowledges its receipt.

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