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Discovery Seminars Coaching, Is It Genuine?

By Steven Morgan

As people desire to rediscover themselves, they seek forums where this transformation can be realized. Discovery seminars coaching is one such forum. However, the hunger and desire for transformation have seen a proliferation in the number of workshops, most of which are not delivering value for money. Experts have developed a way of identifying a genuine seminar that will deliver the value you desire.

The methods used in marketing the workshop will give a hint whether it is genuine or fake. The best seminars provide specific details on participants and activities expected to take place. Some organizers seem to be in a hurry to enlist participants with an unjustifiable sense of urgency. Remember that events that are organized hurriedly are likely to face logistical and quality challenges.

Celebrity hype is a warning for danger when advertising a seminar. While people are obsessed and attracted by celebrities, their contribution to a retreat would be nil. They are only used as baits to attract more people to the occasion. Furthermore, celebrities are not associated with discernment. Their presence is only associated with hype and excitement that will not help you move towards personal awareness and awakening.

The facts presented about the speakers, organization, attendance, etc are indicators of whether a seminar is genuine or not. In some cases, the speaker may be said to be a leading spiritual leader or market guru. However, upon background research, you realize that the information given is a misrepresentation. This should be a reason to worry. If the organizers have nothing to hide, they will present the right information about people, companies, participants, etc.

Testimonials are pointers towards the value of a conference. If past participants found the meeting valuable and have words of praise for the speakers, venues, activities, etc, you have every reason to believe that the same will happen during the current event. In the absence of testimonials, doubts are validated and there is likelihood that you are being duped.

While networking is good for social and business gatherings, reawakening seminars should not emphasize on such goals. By meeting strangers and exchanging contacts, you are unlikely to add any value to your life considering that the journey to awakening and rediscovery is considered a personal one. Participants in public forums are also rarely vetted. As such, the organizers will have no control over the quality of networking that takes place.

Is there a refund policy for those who attend? This is an important consideration and pushes the organizers to ensure that your expectations are met. Without such a policy, nothing binds the organizers to meet your expectations. If such a promise as unlimited one-on-one access to top speakers is not fulfilled, or the speaker does not even turn up, you have a right to demand a refund and it should be made available.

It takes research on details of organization to determine whether you will have a quality time. If organizers are not known for quality conferences or retreats, do not expect the same during the current one. Enlist in gatherings where you are guaranteed quality through experience. You must have the opportunity to demand fulfillment of what was promised during advertisement.

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