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Advantages Of Outsourced Magazine Circulation

By Eric Bell

Once a magazine has been published, the next step is to deliver it to the door of target consumers. Publishing companies are not into the business of distribution. They operate with a lean workforce that would find it strenuous to double as distributors. The distances and logistics required would be overwhelming to them. To handle the distribution without hitch, outsourced magazine circulation becomes the best option. What benefit do you stand to gain from outsourcing?

An expert will be in charge of your distribution. The firms that circulate magazines have ready personnel to deliver to any location within a flash. Their speed and efficiency is also laudable considering that this is their core business. The delivery team is made of professionals who have incredible experience. This raises the quality of work they do, giving your company an impressive image in their eyes.

By outsourcing, you will concentrate on your core business of publication. It takes some time to get to all clients and associates who need the magazines. This is valuable time that might cause you to miss crucial news or items for your magazine. You might also be required to hire personnel to handle your circulation yet it is not done throughout the year. However, with an expert firm, you only engage them when you need your magazines distributed.

Allowing a specialist firm to circulate the magazines on your behalf reduces your operating cost. You do not need to hire extra staff in your firm or publication house. Since the company already has the infrastructure, your costs will also be reduced. The magazines are distributed alongside other materials or publications by other companies. This reduces the unit cost of distribution.

Hiring a distributor is a way of spreading risks for your business. This is an advantage enjoyed by all companies that share away some of their operations. Should a mishap like a fire or flood occur, all your operations will not be grounded. The specialist distributor is also aware of circulation risks and has put in place stringent mitigation measures.

It takes a very short time to complete the distribution process when it is handled by specialists. This is attributed to the existence of infrastructure, personnel and technical knowledge on how to perform distribution work. Partners appreciate fast delivery and will regard your business with higher esteem. Efficiency and professionalism opens doors for more business in future.

Outsourcing comes with own risks that should be considered. They include the increased risk of exposing confidential information or data, and especially your clients or business associates. The distributor might not deliver the magazines in the manner you would do in person causing a loss of customer focus. Your relationship with the receiver will have been diluted by the entry of a third party.

Operations that are outsourced properly will make your operations cost effective and more efficient. This frees time and personnel that would have been allocated to distribution allowing you to improve on the quality of your products. Such saving is one of the principle attractions of outsourcing and a reason to engage third party distributors.

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