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Why Wealth Management Software Is Useful For Family Communication

By Mathew John

Families that have numerous assets they share in common are in a unique position. Unlike people who have little or no property or savings in cash, these families have many options when comes to deciding about how to manage their portfolios. Wealth management software can be instrumental in helping them communicate and share common goals.

Many times heirs choose a single member to make the decisions concerning their finances. They may do this formally or just have a mutual agreement among themselves. Often times it may be preferable to formalize the relationship in order to avoid potential conflicts and confusion within a family. It is not unusual for the heirs to appoint someone within their family to represent them who has a history of successful business experience.

You have to understand that the family steward may or may not be your point of contact - and sometimes it can cause conflict when it is not, or when there appear to be two individuals vying for the position. Paying attention to a family's traditions and values can often tell you who the family steward really is - it may not be a person you (or they) expect.

Getting information from every family member about their values, about how they see the family traditions, and about the relationships within the family can help you identify who is really key to perpetuating tradition. Whoever this person is, it is important to work with them to help the family stay together, avoid disputes, and reduce the risk of wealth not surviving into the next generation. Many high net worth families do indeed lose significant amounts of wealth when the head of the family passes. Stewardship is an important way to ensure that it is retained and that the family does not split over the inheritance.

Using modern technology to manage the family portfolio is a great way to keep all the heirs informed about the profits and changes.

Feeling involved in the process generally inspires confidence in the chosen representative.

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