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How To Differentiate Your Business For High Net Worth Clientele

By Kurt Saniel

High net worth clientele do not want just a financial planner or financial advisor. They want something which goes a little bit beyond that.

The answer is typically advisor coaching. You want people to clearly understand that you intend to build strong relationships with both them and all other generations throughout their families. This is a great way to ensure that personal wealth is actually retained within the overall family.

You need, thus, to make it obvious that you are capable of tracking non-monetary values and building these relationships. This means using marketing tools to demonstrate these things to prospective clients. It also means keeping your existing clients satisfied.

At this stage, a lot of business is gained via referrals. Currently, you want your clients to stay in contact with you and you also want to have the ability to access and use their data from all locations, so be sure to use mobile optimized websites and cloud-based software.

It may be hard to stand out from the crowd - although even getting to this rarefied level will help you stand out. Finding the first high net worth client can be the biggest challenge - and the answer to that can be marketing and associating yourself with a known, trusted brand that your potential clients are familiar with. The fierce competition for HNW clients means retaining them is also an ongoing challenge.

If you want to be discovered and stand out to people with a high net worth, then you have to be ready to offer the personal, personable and top-tier services that these individuals want. These delve beyond lines to attain a very high level of expectation - which is a lot easier to keep up with if you happen to have the best tools.

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