Become A Self-Employed Professional Boca Raton Personal Concierge -


Become A Self-Employed Professional Boca Raton Personal Concierge

By Lowell Morales

Are you a busy person who just doesn't have enough time to take care of all the details in your life? Maybe what you need is a Boca Raton personal concierge. Someone who can organize you, your home, your possessions, and your personal affairs could make life so much easier.

Today business can get so big that small services get lost. Luxury resorts inevitably have a professional concierge to meet individually with guests and clients. Whatever service these VIPs need, from concert tickets to a guide for a sightseeing trip, can be arranged. This kind of gracious attention is what many companies, business owners, and even families will pay for.

If you have pets, kids that need transport, relatives that need birthday gifts, or mail that needs answering, a person dedicated to making your life easier can take care of it all. Why try to remember dentist appointments or worry about feeding the cat if you can delegate. Think how easy.

Mr. Doe could delegate his rental units to property management Pompano Beach professionals. A big firm can handle leases and advertising for new tenants, repairs and maintenance, and garbage pick-up. However, Doe has upscale rentals and charges a premium. He knows his long-term tenants like seeing a familiar face, having a doorman they know and trust, and having their needs anticipated rather than met. This is where the concierge difference comes in.

You may need to check out websites of people who offer this kind of help, to see what they are willing to do. A concierge can be like a general practitioner and do whatever you need or a specialist who might walk the dogs but not sort the mail. Maybe you want everything from help with planning a dinner party to hiring a new housekeeper, or maybe you just want someone to run errands.

Do you like the idea of working for yourself? You can structure it the way you want, like as a sole proprietorship or an LLC. You will be in charge of marketing, so put a notice up at the grocery store or advertise on social media. You define the service, you decide how many clients you can handle, you keep the records, you set the fees and decide how you will be paid. These days you can even use PayPal.

Since this is a real career choice, and a growing area of service, you can use the internet to find people in your area who offer this. There are even trade organizations now that post lists of member companies or individuals. The National Association of Professional Organizers and the National Concierge Association exist to support individuals and companies in the field. Do an online search for a Fort Lauderdale home concierge.

Whether you are someone who wants to be the extra set of hands for someone or who needs that kind of help, check out the growing field of the personal concierge. In this fast-paced world, this kind of skilled assistance is needed and appreciated.

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