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Teach Your Clients How To Track Values In Addition To Their Private Wealth Management

By Roxie Ocegueda

Most wealthy families know they need to keep track of their assets - and hire a wealth management advisor to help them do so. However, not as many think about the things which are not measured in dollars and cents.

Families have values, traditions, and items of sentimental value - in some cases, these may also have monetary value, but not always. Keeping track of these things can reduce conflict and help with the difficult task of ensuring the transfer of wealth through the generations. Adding this to the already complicated task of tracking money and investments, however, can seem monumental, or even impossible.

The solution is to find technology that tracks money and ensure compliance with tax laws and other laws - and then expand upon this. Wealth management software can be invaluable to those with wealth as well as to their advisors by tracking money and its flow. Enhancing the concept for efficient tracking in other areas of important is easier said than down. As an advisor, however, you will find that it is well-worth the effort.

The top options in this software will ask about lifestyles and values and you can discuss the supplied answers with your clients. Even though this might seem a bit impersonal and cold at first, it will invariably have the exact opposite effect.

By showing people how to track values and traditions, these programs increase awareness. They also allow advisors to establish deeper relationships given increased knowledge of those values. As such, this type of software can produce greater referrals and increased customer retention given.

Using software to track values might seem like an alien concept, but it really can help advisors serve their clients in a better, more comprehensive manner. The business will stand out from the crowd and attract the kind of high value customers that turn somebody from a mere financial planner into something more.

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