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Information On North Sea Group Investment Banker

By Jason Jones

Investment bankers are financial experts who work in financial institutions with their main job being raising capital for various entities such as companies and governments. Banks that raise money for entities are called investment banks. Corporate finance staff usually handle the job duties of bankers in small organizations that cannot afford investment bankers. Any North Sea Group investment banker is well trained and qualified to render high quality services to clients of various types such as individuals, organizations, and governments.

One of the main requirements for qualifying to work in this field is a bachelor degree in a course like business administration. There are also several other fields that are related to business in which one can qualify if they have a degree in them. These fields include finance. Masters degree is increasingly becoming a requirement by most employers these days.

The job requires bankers to employ mathematical models in predicting potential outcomes. As such, undergraduate programs cover classes in statistics and calculus. Advanced courses cover many concepts, including financial accounting, mergers, and acquisitions. It is important to complete internship before applying for jobs because of the rising competition for jobs in this field.

Internship can be completed in a number of settings, but investment banks are ideal. Responsibilities handled by interns include analysis of portfolios and assets using valuation models. The purpose of the internship is to sharpen the knowledge of the student and to give them an opportunity to connect with professionals in the industry. Most interns who find jobs after the internship period usually use the connections they gain during that period.

Once one secures a job, they are required to register with FINRA. One may be required to take an examination before they can qualify for registration. Whether one sits for an examination or not before they are registered depends on the job responsibilities in which they specialize. There is also voluntary certification that one can pursue after registration. An example of a certification available is the CFA, which is offered by the CFA institute.

One can easily navigate the various obstacles that hinder people from progressing this field. Some of the best professionals in the industry only have bachelor degrees or lower qualifications. Securities licenses are usually obtained by passing certain tests such a Series 7, Series 63, and series 79. The job is prestigious and has a good pay, but it is equally competitive. One must be willing to work for long hours, usually beyond the average number of hours per week. Having numerical skills is also very important.

The university one graduates from determines a lot how fast they will make it in the job. Those from top-rated universities stand a better chance. Having special skills in persuasion and a strong work ethic also goes a long way. The fact that one lands a job with a good company is usually not a guarantee that they will keep the job.

The first few years are usually very tough and many people drop out to join other careers during these years. Workers spend several hours on phones trying to persuade investors to invest their money. These bankers also spend a lot of time pitching investing deals. Those with thin skins or those who lack determination often fall off the rails.

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