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Learn The Various Types Of Commercial Roofing Colorado Springs CO

By Larry Scott

Basically, commercial roofs are materials that are used to protect and seal the top of a building used for business purposes. The materials usually cover the structure framing so as to prevent precipitations such as rain from getting in the building. The roofs are usually flat sloped unlike in the residential roofing where they are steeply sloped. However, you can reap huge benefits from commercial roofing Colorado Springs CO for using these materials.

Traditionally, roofs used for commercial structures were made using shingles, with the overlapping sections of material laid in rows to improve runoff. The shingles can be constructed from different materials such as wood, clay, slate or asphalt.

Shingles made from asphalt are usually covered with a bituminous coating and are usually cheaper though they require more maintenance. The ones made of clay or ceramic tiles are ideal for warmer climates as they help keep the building cool. They may be fairly expensive but lasts longer while offering a distinctive style.

Wood shingles can be made from pine or cedar, and are normally used because of their appearance. They are usually expensive and subject to damage by insect or mold. On the other hand, slate shingles are constructed from thin layers of rock and are usually the most expensive material for shingles available. However, they are very durable and strong and can last for over 100 years once installed.

However, today, there are different options to consider in case you want to replace or put up new commercial roof. A type of roofing to consider is a thermoplastic roof. It is among the fast growing roofing system. The roofs are made of a durable material which has low temperature flexibility and high-temperature tolerance. They are also highly resistant to UV, ozone and chemical exposure. Again, they have a life expectancy of over 20 years, with a high resistance to fire, puncture, chemicals and high winds.

The other kind of commercial roofs obtainable today are green roofs. These have gained popularity in recent past. The sedum-green roofs are flat roofs that may be entirely or partially wrapped with soil having vegetation planted on to the waterproofing membrane. The roof systems absorb heat thus reducing the effect of urban-heat-island. They as well significantly enhance insulation value of roofs that lengthens their lifespan by two or three times and cut down the heating as well as cooling expenses.

Another option of commercial roofing systems is the photovoltaic solar panels. With the increasing rise on energy costs, there is a substantial need for a green, sustainable energy. As a result, building owners have turned to solar panel roof systems. These solar panels roof systems are installed on rooftops, and can also be used with roof mounted-tiles, glass and membrane in order to absorb sunlight which is then converted to energy which is then supplied in the building. Although they are not common, they have huge benefits.

Metals roofs are also economical and reliable roofing systems. Due to their light weight, they allow simple and cost-effective support structures to be used. They are also flexible making it easier to bend or curve as needed. They are also easy and quick to install and can be made from aluminum, steel, or metal alloys.

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