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Why Nursing Homes Should Meet PBJ Requirements

By Michael Harris

According to the recent policies enacted to govern nursing activities, nursing homes are mandated to report and submit staffing information to relevant authorities. This requirement seeks to promote accountability in nursing activities. Payroll data submission systems are supposed to be used in preparing staffing data. These systems allow the manipulation of data in a readable and standardized format. Other PBJ requirements are as follows.

Nursing facilities should utilize the payroll based journal for accountability and fairness. A rating system was established to allow people to rate nursing homes found in their cities. Factors considered during rating include annual inspection results, staffing and the type of quality measures adopted in a facility. Some nursing homes have however adopted cheating mechanisms by changing their ratings.

In addition to credibility, the employee data that is submitted must be verifiable as well as auditable. Proprietors of nursing homes should provide supporting information regarding the number of personnel working in their facility. The supporting information should include names, signatures and registration numbers of the staff. Nursing authorities usually conduct annual audits to determine whether staff information provided matches the actual number of employees in a particular institution.

Long term care facilities should also be licensed by the federal authorities. These facilities are mandated by national nursing policies to offer services to the public based on the licensing conditions documented on their licenses. Other than licensing, nursing institutions should meet governmental requirements such as taxation. It should be noted that payroll data submission systems only apply to licensed institutions.

The staffing information should be prepared structurally before being submitted to the payroll based journal. Nursing centers should include a list of agencies and contract staff who are under their supervision. They also need to be proactive and submit data before the due date to avoid penalties. Staff data can be tracked differently depending on how it is submitted. For example, most nursing centers hire temporary personnel. However, when staff data is submitted, temporary personnel are not listed as employees.

Handling electronic data systems requires expertise and good software products. In this case, software providers must be conducted by proprietors of nursing homes to help in preparing employee data. In most nursing centers, staff data is usually extrapolated in different ways. These include attendance recording, payroll scheduling and human resource management. Acquiring reliable software products to extrapolate this data is beneficial to nursing operations.

It is important to work with software vendors who are trustworthy. As an owner of a nursing institution, you can partner with the vendors to assist you with future staffing data queries. Before partnering with software providers, ask them about the advances they are making in the payroll data submission sector. Assess their products to determine whether they can suit your current workflow.

Critics argue that staffing in any institution is a component of service delivery. This means that the competency levels of employees working in a certain facility determine their ability to attend to clients. In the nursing sector, facilities that comprise of adequate skilled personnel are likely to offer quality services. This is one of the reasons why employee information is normally gathered and organized in electronic form then submitted to the authorities.

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