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Searching For A Reliable Amp Repair

By Gary Nelson

If you play guitar, you may own one or more tube or transistor amplifiers and these will require servicing and faults attending to when they develop. When your equipment needs attention, you will need to look for a reliable amp repair. There are some important things for you to consider before having work carried out on your gear.

There are a lot of models of amp and every one will perform differently and have various modes. A stand alone head will need a separate cab containing the speakers and they are usually used by the professionals. A combo amp is extremely popular with amateur players and bedroom guitarists and they have a built in set of speakers.

A valve amp will require routine inspections to keep it operating properly and safely. Most guitarists carry replacement valves when they are working to enable them to replace them when they fail. If you need to replace a vacuum tube, you should ensure it is the correct type for your equipment. Any other type of work that needs doing to a valve amplifier should be done by a fully qualified technician to avoid costly damage.

Solid state amplifiers are easier to look after but will still require an annual check up by an amp technician. Small faults can be rectified by amateur electricians using some simple tools and the suitable spare parts. If the problem is a more serious one, it is advisable to let a professional engineer do the work, and many instrument retailers will carry out repairs in their workshop.

If you choose to carry out repairs to your equipment, the components needed, can either be found in guitar stores or online. When you are purchasing parts, you should always make certain that they are of the correct specification, and covered by a manufacturer warranty. Used components such as switches, sockets and speakers can be utilized after they have been properly tested by an electrician.

If you are purchasing components to carry out amplifier repairs, there is some a little care required when you are placing your order. Always try to source original manufacturer parts, and these can be found for many of the current models, and a lot of vintage units which are worth a great deal of money. Always have a professional do the work on a vintage amp to avoid costly mistakes.

Before you attempt any repair work it is worth buying some of the useful books or videos to help you. It is essential that you have the correct tools, spares and other items when you are carrying out your work. When the job is finished, you should have your amplifier inspected by a fully qualified electrical engineer, to ensure it is safe to use.

The costs of fixing an amplifier will be dependent on the parts required and the nature of the fault. A broken solder joint or badly worn switch can be put right for a few dollars and will not take too long. Complete refurbishments and complex repairs can often cost hundreds or thousands of dollars and will take considerably longer.

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