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Searching For A Professional Amplifier Repair

By Kathleen Price

If you own an electric guitar, you will probably also be in possession of a tube or transistor amp, and these will both require regular servicing and faults repaired. When a fault develops, many musicians will be looking for a reliable amplifier repair. There are a few very important things you need to consider before having any work done to your musical equipment.

There are hundreds of different models of amplifier and each one is different and has various functions and modes. A head is one that will need a separate set of speakers and they are favored by the professional guitar players. A combo unit is popular with amateur guitarists and bedroom players and these will have built in speaker making them more portable.

A vacuum tube amp will need an annual check up to keep it functioning well. A lot of players will carry a spare tube with them when working and will replace it if it blows. When you do have to replace a tube yourself, you should make sure it is of the correct specification for you particular model. Any other work on a tube amp should always be done by a professional technician.

If you own a solid state amplifier then a routine service is also highly recommended. A simple repair can often be done by the player using a few basic tools that most people will have in their homes. The more complex faults will need to be looked at by an amplifier technician and the majority of guitar stores offer a reliable repair service.

When you are doing your own repair work, the spares you need can be purchased from an online retailer, or in a high street store that specializes in guitars. You need to make sure that when you buy your spares that they are compatible and covered by a guarantee. Used items such as control pots and speaker parts can sometimes be used as long as they are of the correct spec and have been properly tested.

If you are buying spares to do the repairs to an amp, some care needed when you are ordering. Always try and source manufacturer spares when possible and these can be found for most modern amps and some of the older ones. Many vintage amps are worth a substantial amount of money and using original spares is essential to maintain their value.

If you are an amateur repairer there are useful publications and tutorial videos that can be found to help you. It is extremely important to ensure that you have the correct parts and tools when you are doing your repairs. When the job is completed, the amp should be inspected by a qualified electrician to make sure it operates safely.

The costs involved when repairing your amp will be dependent on a couple of factors including the parts needed and the nature of the fault. A broken wire or solder joint can be fixed for just a few dollars and this can rise to hundreds or thousands for a total rebuild or major repair to a vintage model. You should also be aware that although online prices may be cheaper, you will need to pay carriage costs and insurance when sending your equipment away for repair.

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