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Looking For Technicians For Guitar Amp Repair

By Karen Adams

Most guitar players will own an amplifier and both solid state and tube models will need to be inspected, and any faults fixed. When your amplifier suffers a failure, you will need to search for a qualified engineer for guitar amp repair. A few things need to be taken into consideration before you have any work done on your expensive piece of musical equipment.

There are 2 kinds of amplifier used by guitar players which are head units or combination amps with internal speakers fitted. A head unit will be favored by a professional player and will need speakers in a separate cab. A Combo amp is a popular choice for the amateur musician due to its smaller size.

A vacuum tube amp, sometimes known as a valve amplifier, will require a yearly check up to keep it working efficiently. Most working musicians will keep a spare tube with them, especially if they are playing live regularly. When you are changing a tube, it is important to use the correct type and let a qualified technician do this work due to the high voltages that are sometimes involved. When you have work done by a professional, the repairs will be covered by guarantee.

A solid state head unit or combo is a little easier to work on and maintain by the amateur electrician. Simple failures can be rectified using everyday tools that most people will have in their kit or workshop. If you have a serious problem with your amp, it is better to have the repair done by a professional and most guitar stores will offer this service.

When you are looking for spares for a repair, many of the web based retailers can supply these at very attractive prices. Always make certain that any replacement parts are of the correct spec for your model and that they are covered by a manufacturer warranty. Sometimes, reconditioned parts can be fitted, especially if you are replacing a damaged speaker or a burnt out pot.

When you are trying to locate spare parts there are some things to consider before you order and buy. You should always try to use original factory spares if they are still available and many old amplifiers can still be fixed using original parts. Due to the high value of some of the vintage amps from well known makers, it is highly recommended that you have an authorized dealer to do your repairs.

A lot of useful publications can be found to help amateur electricians to carry out simple jobs. It is important to ensure that you have the correct tools when doing any electrical repairs. When the job has been completed, your amp should be inspected and tested by an engineer for safety reasons.

The prices you are charged for repairs will differ depending on what type of amp you own, how old it is and what the problems are. Some of the web based repair firms are often cheaper than stores but you will need to pay carriage costs. If you send equipment away to be fixed, remember that goods in transit insurance will need to be put into place before you ship.

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