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How Atlanta Property Management Provides New Home Sales And Marketing Solutions

By Lance Aldinger

If you own rental real estate it pays to hire someone to manage it for you. The professional manager performs the daily tasks of taking care of your investment, your tenants, and overseeing maintenance and repairs. With an Atlanta property management team, you will be free to enjoy your life as an owner without the daily hassles that come with the title.

These professionals are trained to handle lease terminations and evictions, collecting deposits and rents, and processing applications. In addition, they manage the coordination of maintenance needs of the residents. They also take care to protect your investment.

The manager is well versed in the fair housing laws of the state and federal governments. The make sure that you remain in compliance with these laws so you avoid any type of loss from litigation. These professionals know what is needed to manage your tenants and real estate.

The managers are skilled in marketing your investment when there is availability. The aim is to avoid long periods of time between tenants so there is minimal income lost. They will inspect upon move in and then again at move out to have a record of anything the tenant might be liable for.

The manager keeps the owner informed of all business that is involved with maintaining, marketing, and renting the real estate. You will be kept up to speed regarding any major repairs that are necessary. In addition, you will receive a monthly report so you will know exactly what is being spent and what your occupancy rate is.

Management companies periodically perform market surveys so that they can stay competitive with fair market rents. They also offer suggestions to the owners about steps that can be taken to realize increased profit on their rentals. With highly skilled managers, owners are able to enjoy their investments without the stress.

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