Finding A Reliable Guitar Repair -


Finding A Reliable Guitar Repair

By Jerry Meyer

Any guitar player will need their instruments repaired or looked at by an expert after they have developed a fault. There are many things that can go wrong with both electric and acoustic instruments and it is imperative to get them sorted out. If you are looking for a suitable guitar repair service there are a couple of places to find what you need.

The first place you should visit when you need your instrument attending to is a reputable instrument store in your neighborhood. Most of the stores will offer a good repair service and they can also carry out check ups to keep instruments playing well. Yearly checkups are highly recommended this will help to keep it in good condition.

Another good place to find a repair service is the internet and there are many companies who advertise online. When you contact them by telephone or email they will ask you a few questions about the problem before arranging for your guitar to be sent to them. They will then carry out an inspection of the instrument and quote you for the work. If you do need to send an instrument by road it is very important to get suitable shipping insurance.

The costs involved when having repairs will depend on the nature of the problem. Simple fixes such as a broken tuning pegs or a clean can be done cheaply and quickly. Serious faults such as fret replacement and pick up installation will be more expensive and will also take longer.

There are some things you should do yourself keep your instrument in good playable condition and to prevent any damage. A guitar should be kept in its hard case when not being used and this will protect it from knocks and moisture. Every time you play your guitars they should be cleaned with a dry cloth to remove any perspiration before putting them away.

An electric guitar will need specialist care throughout its plying life and it is very important to look after it properly. The necks, nickel frets and wooden bodies should be kept well cleaned and free from chips. Volume controls, tremolo springs and the wiring need to be checked for wear and tear. Your strings should also be changed every few weeks and this will help with the neck tension.

An acoustic guitar also needs to be properly looked after by its owner to prevent unnecessary damage and wear. Your instrument should be kept clean with the appropriate polish and tuning pegs need to be kept lubricated. If you keep it out of a case it should be kept on a proper stand to prevent it getting knocked when you are not playing.

When storing instruments away for long periods, there are few simple things that can be done to keep them safe. Clean the instrument properly before putting it in its case and always place it in a clean and dry environment. A packet containing special moisture absorbing chemicals can be purchased and placed in the case and this will soak up any excess moisture that may be in the atmosphere.

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