Discover How Atlanta Property Managers Can Help Your Property -


Discover How Atlanta Property Managers Can Help Your Property

By Lyndon Zerna

There are many good reasons to hire a manager for your rental investments. For instance, an experienced manager is able to increase the value of your real estate investment. Hiring a reputable Atlanta property management business will be worth every cent of the fees you pay.

A good company will perform thorough applicant screening. This process will ensure you are getting the highest quality tenant possible. Retention is the goal of the manager. There are times when someone is approved that will end up being evicted for one reason or another an the manager will carry out the eviction for the owner.

Thorough screening policies help secure reliable tenants who do not cause problems, pay on time, and stay longer. A knowledgeable manager will sift through the information on an applicant and identify any cautionary items. The professional knows how to be consistent with the screening process to avoid discrimination lawsuits and how to identify a scam.

The professional is well versed in landlord tenant rights and responsibilities and fair housing laws. This knowledge is one of the benefits of hiring a company to manage your investment properties. The right person understands the laws governing tenant screening, inspections, addendums, and termination of lease, evictions, security deposits, and collection of rent.

Well trained managers can also shorten the time of vacancies. They know what needs to be done to turn a rental quickly and correctly. The manager will already have an organized system for taking care of the typical tasks for turning a rental. Typically managers have established a comprehensive roster of the vendors that provide efficient and speedy services.

The professional manager also knows what the correct market rent will be and how to market your rental. In addition, the manager schedules open houses and showings and works diligently to be able to take the rental off market quickly. You are able to enjoy the advantages of owning a rental without the bother.

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