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How To Host The Build A Bike Team Building Event

By Ruthie Livingston

Within an organization, it is imperative to give the team a chance to work together. Build A Bike team building activities should be carried out so that the teams obtain trust that helps make projects and operations go smoothly. As the organizer, you must be really responsible when facilitating this event. To make this a success, here are some of the tips to take note of.

First, it is important to have a common vision. This is essential to the event and to the organizational success. You should spend time with the group visioning what you want to create as well as where you want to go. During the time for visioning, you must be able to celebrate any of your current successes.

Having common goals with everyone will help achieve more success. As an organizer, it is only natural to have the program and organization goals to be easily understood by everyone. All the members should come to understand these goals and support them. Their efforts will then be fed to a larger objective.

Being clear with roles and responsibilities should be a given. By clearly defining what roles and responsibilities every person involved should have, there will be proper accountability for tasks. Moreover, it helps process everything smoothly. It might be challenging for you to clarify responsibilities and roles but you have to do it.

There must be support from the management. This is a very essential requirement when it comes to this hosted activity. This means that the supervisors and managers must give their full support to this activity as they have a key role to play in it. These people should then follow up on their staff regularly, inquiring about their needs as well as enhancing their efforts.

For the event, you should use engaging exercises. It should always be made fun and challenging, giving enough support so that a group can reach its highest potential. Participants must get engaged and challenged. For that, you must consider bring in experienced external facilitators who can support every efforts you have put into it.

When hosting the session, it is highly recommended for a person to look for a conducive venue for it. One must avoid using the office as the venue since that is not really ideal. There are too many distractions in the office, such as computers or emails. Better look for outside venue when you are organizing this particular activity.

Remember to create an action plan. This action plan can help you determine what sessions to host in certain days. The action plans will make the who task easier since you know what you plan to do, what you aim to achieve, and what objectives you have. You might need to do a thorough research to create the said action plan.

Have as much fun as you can when you are going for this session. When everyone involved in the session are happy, they will become more engaging and cooperative. Keeping everyone happy when it comes to the sessions should be a good thing. You must never take away the fun out of this particular session.

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