US Federal Contractor Registration Helps Small Businesses Earn Big Money -


US Federal Contractor Registration Helps Small Businesses Earn Big Money

By Celeste Osborne

Federal contract awards can be a lucrative option for struggling small businesses, however government contracting at the federal level has a reputation for being complicated and difficult to break into. Thousands of inexperienced vendors have found success working with the federal government through US Federal Contractor Registration's Simplified Acquisition Program.

Over $443 billion in contract awards were issued to private firms by the federal government during fiscal year 2014. Nearly any business can sell their product or service through federal contracting since the federal government does not produce anything on its own and must purchase everything it may require to fulfill its goals and processes. Laws and regulations also require purchasing officers to pay for any purchases or contracts fulfilled within a certain timeframe, so there is less uncertainty about receiving payment as there is with private sector contracts.

Unfortunately, becoming a successful federal government contract vendor can be overwhelmingly complex and difficult for an inexperienced entrepreneur. Multiple registrations are required, cryptic acronyms and jargon are common, and simple mistakes can lead to devastating consequences. GTPAC estimates that nearly a quarter of the 600,000 firms currently registered in SAM contain errors in their registration. These errors may lead to disqualification for a contract or even criminal fraud charges and fines.

To provide improved access to the benefits of federal contracting to more small businesses, US Federal Contractor Registration has unveiled their new Simplified Acquisition Program. This program, exclusively offered by USFCR, provides small businesses with everything they need to become a successful government contractor, start to finish.

The Simplified Acquisition Program includes a complete assessment of the business's qualifications and the federal contracting opportunities available, full System for Award Management registration, establishment of an official government profile in the Dynamic Small Business Search, monthly bid notification emails, full contract support, comprehensive government business plan, website creation in standard federal format, direct access to buyers and prime vendors, and complete training for the Simplified Acquisition Environment.

US Federal Contractor Registration has helped many inexperienced businesses find success in federal contracting, including ECSI International, which won over $1 million in contract awards thanks to the Simplified Acquisition Program. Find out if you're ready to start winning contracts too by contacting an Acquisition Specialist today for your free contractor evaluation!

US Federal Contractor Registration provides business owners with all of the necessary materials to start winning these available simplified acquisition contracts. With the government spending over $400 billion every year, there are countless government contracts that can be won utilizing a US Federal Contractor Registration Simplified Acquisition Program.

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