Simplified Acquisition Program Wins Millions In Revenue For Small Business Contractors -


Simplified Acquisition Program Wins Millions In Revenue For Small Business Contractors

By Celeste Osborne

Businesses across the country are turning to the Simplified Acquisition Program to win federal government contract awards. Most businesses assume all they need to do to break into the federal marketplace is file their SAM registration and wait, however this is not how federal contracting works. In order to make money through federal contracting, vendors must market their business directly to federal agencies. The best way to break into government contracting is not necessarily to try for the multi-billion dollar contracts but to seek out the smaller, everyday purchases that agencies must make. Unfortunately, unlike larger contracts these smaller purchases are usually not advertised publicly. In order to find out about these contracts, the agencies must know who you are and contact you directly for a quote.

Unlike traditional, formal bidding contracts, purchases under the simplified acquisition threshold of $150,000 can be purchased as easily as you might buy milk from the store. Depending upon the industry, simplified acquisition procedures may even be applied to purchases millions of dollars in value. Of particular interest are "micro purchases", worth $3000 or less. Such purchases are generally made on the spot with a credit card and require no bidding whatsoever.

It is necessary for vendors to market their business aggressively to procurement officers in order to find out about SAP contracts. Agencies complete these purchases by directly contacting vendors to receive a quote - if they don't know your business exists, they won't know to contact you! For these reasons, businesses who want to participate in SAP must develop an effective and comprehensive marketing plan.

US Federal Contractor Registration has helped thousands of businesses earn millions of dollars in revenue through their Simplified Acquisition Program. Many of their clients have found success through the program, including Mac Made Easy, Creative Tent International, Excel Concrete, Suburban Surgical Co., Inc, and Nancys I.T. Guy. Included in the Simplified Acquisition Program is everything contractors need to start making money in the federal marketplace, such as System for Award Management registration, a seven page website in the standard Federal Government format, branded domain name and hosting, search engine optimization, customized official government profile, monthly email bid notification and contract support.

In order to start doing business with the federal government today, simply call US Federal Contractor Registration's Contractor Helpline. First time callers will receive a free Federal Marketplace Evaluation with a live Acquisition Specialist to further help them position themselves to start winning contracts as soon as possible.

US Federal Contractor Registration is the world's largest third party registration firm that conducts everything from System for Award Management (SAM) to GSA Schedules. US Federal Contractor Registration testimonials and reviews are second to none with having registered over 65,000 businesses in System for Award Management. US Federal Contractor Registration has also registered and provided federal marketing solutions for businesses like McGraw Hill, HP, Wells Fargo, Xerox, GoodWill, Dixie, UPS, Heinz, Sheraton Hotels, Marriott, Westin, Interstate Oil, CITI, and Coldwell Banker; as well as academic institutions and colleges like NYC, Northwestern, Oxford, Southwestern, and Mercer. Numerous federal agencies like US Army, US Navy, Veteran Affairs and United States Department of Agriculture have also had their government paperwork facilitated by US Federal Contractor Registration Case Managers.

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