Benefits Of Bulk Scanning Services And How They Increase Office Efficiency -


Benefits Of Bulk Scanning Services And How They Increase Office Efficiency

By Loris F. Anders

Document scanning is simply making digital copies of a document. This process requires an optical scanner which moves a beam of light systematically over the document to capture the image. The device then transfers the image into an electronic copy which is stored in the computer hard disk or any other storage device. When high volumes of documents are being scanned for the purpose of storage it is then referred to as bulk scanning services.

Despite the fact that the procedure has proven to have numerous benefits to file storage, the process has several problems associated to it. Some documents in the batches may require special care without which they cannot scan well. This in most cases delays the process.

Bulk scanning of important documents in a company will definitely be a long process that has several steps. Quite a number of factors will have to be considered before such a process begins. This is due to the fact that converting original documents in paper form to electronic content will raise legal and security issues.

In planning for this process, first, the legal issues have are ironed out. Though images of original documents are commonly accepted in a court of law, electronic documents whose integrity is doubted are rejected. Assessment of this documents is a must to ensure that they are reliable.

Texts printed on backgrounds with hatched lines or crossed lines may not be reproduced clearly. The scanner may have difficulty differentiating the text from the background.

Sensitive company information is stored safely. The information is then safeguarded against theft by being protected by passwords which only few personnel are aware of. This vital information in electronic form is stored in multiple repositories hence eliminating the risk of losing it completely. Moreover, electronic storage preserves the information better than paper which deteriorates over time.

Documents are put into batches by using similar classification. This makes it easier to manage the documents during the scanning. Unique identification is given to each batch in order to ease the retrieval process. Each document in each batch should be preceded by a batch header sheet which helps in identifying the department that owns the document.

Old and expensive document distribution tools like facsimile machines have been replaced by scanning of documents which has reduced the costs involved with document distribution and management. This practice is cost effective and saves a lot of time.

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