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A Legal Document Scanning Service Maintains Order And Security

By Loris F. Ander

One lawyer might be handling five to ten cases during any given time period. In a courtroom, legal paperwork must be shown to verify all the facts in a case. The use of a reputable legal document scanning service is the optimal way to make certain that all papers pertaining to a case are preserved in case they are needed.

The lawyer cannot afford to waste time shuffling through papers each time one is needed. He could miss a deadline required by the court by doing so. Possibly the one needed is misplaced or thrown away by mistake. This complex stack of paperwork may be reduced to an easily accessible amount of data, rather than clogging his office desk.

It takes time and experience to sort out documents and less important papers to store. A scanning service with experience can perform this task much more efficiently. They will transform an untidy stack of papers into a neatly and easily accessible databank in digital form. Nothing is lost and nothing is in the way until it is needed.

The original creation of a databank is done in an orderly and efficient way. The attorney must decide what to keep and what is nonessential. In most cases all notes, letters and legal documents are retained in case they are needed at some later time.

In a courtroom the judge will rely on the original documents rather than copies. A software program can separate the two and retain both. The copies can be restored and made more legible.

In a courtroom, original documents may be required by a judge and copies found unacceptable. There are software programs used to match and process papers, getting rid of extraneous copies. Copies will be made as clear and readable as the originals.

The larger the corporation, the larger the databank must be. Even a single attorney may have large numbers of papers to store. An analysis is done for each firm to help them decide the optimal way to preserve their privacy. There is no limit to the number of files that can be created for a company.

However, for a new law firm or an established one without a plan, the scanning project can integrate one that will be suitable. Files can be set up for accident claims, personal injury cases and criminal defense or tax lawyers. The needs of each legal department can be kept separately for convenience of recovery. Time is money. The amount of time such a system will save is invaluable to the profits of the firm.

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