The Known Drug Testing Brisbane, QLD -


The Known Drug Testing Brisbane, QLD

By Francis Riggs

Tests on drugs mean biological specimen analysis to determine whether a specified parent component or its metabolites is present or absent. Major events where this is carried out is in employer screening, seeking to detect steroids in blood of athletes to enhance performance and detection of alcohol level for motorists. Alcohol content in the blood is measured using breathalyzers while for the rest urinalysis is the common method. The significance of drug testing Brisbane, QLD cannot be underestimated.

It turns not an easy thing because it is used to check those in employment, athletes, the job seekers and the high school students. Recently it has become a must measure for all students attending high schools. For those who do extracurricular activities it turns out mandatory. The issue of privacy has been mentioned because a lot of it becomes interfered here. Once the process has been completed, the guardians and teachers need to establish why they are using the illegal substances.

When teenagers know that at some point they are going to be tested, they stop taking the illegal substances. Those who have never taken them will stop thinking of experimenting. Those struggling with addiction will stop it because they fear the law. It provides kids with easier recovery from such bad habits.

No one is out to limit the privacy of the teens or deny it totally but also no one is comfortable with the idea of free circulation of drugs amongst them. However considering the rising cases of in violence in schools it is no doubt clear that the living costs in a society which is free is most of the times a compromised one.

We experience many situations where we have to be frisked to ensure the safety of others. The question each and everyone one of us needs to pose and answer is whether it is such a bother and irrational asking the students to capitulate some of their privacy for the sake of their own safety. If we are to compare these situations then the risks of substance abuse outweigh this by far.

Checking to see that there are no illicit preparations is not an answer to the main problem. It turns only to be used as an additional tool among many others that assist the parents to come in to affect behavior. The behavior affects physical, spiritual and emotional components of development in children. Change in behavior will make the children see the medicines as bad for their health.

For this vicious cycle to be cut off, identification of drugs should go hand in hand with intervention strategies and treatment too. If the treatment programs are conducted early then it will be outright be easier and a greater success to instill a positive behavior on the teens or other drug users. Recovery from long term usage is higher too and delays in development of the teens less significant.

Every organization can therefore benefit from a commonly agreed policy regarding the use of drugs and alcohol applying to each and everyone in the organization. It should be a part of the management system of safety and health issues relating to the organization. The organizations are encouraged to involve the workers in drafting of such to increase compliance as they will have a sense of ownership. It should take into account education, counseling and prevention information and also rehabilitation guidelines.

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