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Reasons For Outsourcing To A Bulk Document Scanning Service

By Loris F. Anders

The transition from paper to electronic administration is one that has presented office managers with some serious problems. Firstly, older archives are entirely on paper, and were generated before computers were in use. Secondly, the conversion between the two mediums requires that staff devote time to it as a process in itself, in addition to their usual tasks. A bulk document scanning service can solve these issues.

In some cases, the older data can be manually read and captured on the computer system. But where the paperwork itself needs to be retained electronically, specially designed scanning machines are used. These machines raise two issues of their own.

The equipment isn't cheap. Office equipment such as printers and Xerox machines are not new technology any more, but they are not inexpensive. Scanners are no exception. Management then need to factor in the cost of the scanner as part of the conversion process, and this cost is not small. High quality electronic equipment, as a rule, is never cheap.

Secondly, scanning is not a quick procedure. The machine has to be fed manually, page by page. It cannot be speeded up. Even machines which can take stacks of pages at a time, such as an entire file, still works through its stages of processing. The cumulative time required to scan archived material is therefore daunting, and not an issue which management are always able to accommodate.

A professional, dedicated bulk scanning service is therefore of interest to office administrators. They merely need to provide the older documentation, and then wait to receive the electronic copies. They can sometimes even choose the format, such as hard-disk or DVD. All their employees have to do is make sure that the material is ready for collection.

Professional scanning companies have the most specialized equipment. This equipment is of an industrial standard, and is designed to scan thousands of pages in a shorter space of time. The equipment is made to do this, so the wear and tear that smaller machines may suffer is not a risk. Trying to use home scanners for commercial purposes may lead to premature damage or malfunction.

The amount of paperwork that some modern companies process is simply too large to expect their employees to scan it into the computer system. Also, older archived material needs to be backed up electronically for reasons of safety and access. Making use of a bulk scanning service is the more professional and cost-related option in the modern economy.

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