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Significance Of Product Management Training

By Lelia Hall

The growing need for market communicators and passing of information from one department to another has been one of the concerns for various organizations. This has prompted the need for product management training. Most managers, engineers and developers want to be driven by the market. This involves listening to the market means, taking note of the various problems faced and solving them.

Most executives are normally market-oriented. They usually do not focus on the various marketing departments in the firm. They differentiate distinctively between market and the departments which markets the products of the organization. This is due to the fact that in some cases there exist an information gap between the marketing department and the real market scenario. This prompts managers to initiate some form of education in the management of the various goods and services offered by the company.

The concept of being market-oriented, that is, you are driven by the various problems that are answered in a market focuses on the needs of consumers rather than the capabilities or potential of a company. Instead of putting much focus on the firm and its commodities, an executive focuses on what the customer concerns are. A product manager is thus the voice of all the consumers in a market. The company thus defines itself by the consumers they want to serve and not what it is able to produce.

Most firms tend to focus on reduction of how exposed they are to risk. This is one of the benefits of goods and services management in a firm. It reduces the level of risk exposure to the company. It does this through close relationship with consumers of products being offered by the company. This thus reduces the numerous fluctuations that may occur on the demand side.

A product manager is able to pass information about the various opportunities available in the market to an executive team. It also includes the strategies to be used in pursuing the opportunity. Risk assessment reports as well as the financial analysis regarding that opportunity are offered. It is thus a channel through which information regarding the market is passed to different implementing parties.

Product managers pay more attention to issues regarding the requirements in a market. Training in commodity management is a very sensitive issue in a firm that wants to direct the efforts of all stakeholders towards achieving a common goal. Information is collected from different categories of consumers. This solves the problem of information asymmetry.

In most cases marketing and sales are equated. There is a belief that salespeople are the best source of information on the products to offer. This is due to the fact that they talk to customers all the time. Note that they just talk to various customers and not listening to what the consumers actually require. They thus fail in fully communicating the customer requirements to the firm.

Education in commodity management is thus crucial to every firm that wants to fulfill the requirements of all its customers. It monitors customer preferences and looks for ways to satisfy that. This increases efficiency in the firm.

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