All About The Six Sigma Houston Method -


All About The Six Sigma Houston Method

By Leslie Ball

Now manufacturing companies would often use a special type of process in order to ensure quality outputs. Now the six sigma Houston method is actually one of the processes that all manufacturing companies would use. If one is not very familiar with this process, here is a short overview of what it is like and how some of the concepts can be used to solve problems.

Now one of the fundamental concepts of this method would of course be the DMAIC. Now the DMAIC is one of the main strategies in this process that would be all about improving a process inside a company. Now for those who do not know what DMAIC stands for, basically it stands for define, measure, analyze, improve, and control.

Now the first step would be define which would mean that the company would first have to define the problem. Now this could be a range of things like trying to make operations go faster or further improving quality while lowering costs. So the very first step in this process would be to simply know what problem has to be solved.

After one has already defined what the problem is, then he has to measure the process to see its efficiency. Before one would come up with any type of solution, he has to first keep on measuring the existing process so that he will be able to spot what the problem is. So in this step, he is making observations and jotting them down so that they can be analyzed later on in the process.

Once that is already done, then the next step would be the analyzing of the problem. Now in this step, one has to go to the main problem or the root problem and has to improve on that. Now it is also in this step that he will be making a lot of formulations before he would come up with a bunch of solutions that will be used later.

Now when one has already come up with great solutions for the issue, then the next step would be to implement those solutions. From there, one will be able to use these implemented solutions to improve the current process. Of course before that, he has to make sure that the solutions are actually applicable before he can continue.

Now the final step would be the control step which would consist of trying to make sure that the improved solution is well integrated. This means that the new process is controlled and is not reverted back to the old process again. Basically one would do this step just to make sure that the solutions are maintained properly so that it will continue to work.

So for those who are interested to know about this method, here are some things to know about. Of course in Houston, TX, this method is widely taught to many companies. Now one should remember that this is actually a good method that any type of business can use it.

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