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Why The Office Plants Chicago Florists Offer Is A Good Idea

By Olivia Cross

Most flowers are beautiful when setting in a pot or vase, but they have a lot more things going for them and you, than just that. If it were that simple, any plant would be appropriate because all you would be looking for would be to make the place look nice. Since it is more than that, a few ideas about the other purposes that the office plants Chicago florists offer is a very good idea for your place of business.

They help clean the air. They take in carbon dioxide, which people breathe out and generate oxygen, which we breathe in. This makes plants necessary for human life. This makes it necessary for animal life on the planet and it makes for a fresh smell in an enclosed office building.

Between 50 and 60 percent of airborne molds and mildews are removed by plants. They also help in stabilizing the humidity because of their ability to rid the air of ammonia, benzene as well as other chemicals used to manufacture many office furniture items and floor coverings. All of this points out the healthy benefits of plants when the correct ones are placed in the right places and treated well.

One of the things plants do is help relieve eye strain, especially in close up work and or reading. This is accomplished by the fact that they reflect the yellow and green spectrum which has the tendency to do this for people. They also reduce ambient noise and, depending on their size, also provide a good room divider. This is all made possible by contracting with a Chicago florist with a rental and maintenance program.

As you think about all of the possibilities, in each location, there are a lot of choices and a vast number of combinations. The Chicago florists will be able to make those suggestions. Since you may want to brighten up a few dark corners, this selection is vital and leaving it up to them is the first best choice.

Low light plant life would include Aspidistra elatior, Aglaonema Silver Bay, Aglaonema Green lady and Zamiaoculcas zamiifolia or ZZ plant. These do not need as much sun light as others and will do fine with fluorescent lights only. The florists will suggest these for deep interiors and many people will appreciate a little color that far back.

Medium light vegetation will include those that will take more sun light and fluorescent lights in combination. These will include such species as Chama edorea, Anthurium scherzerianum, and Cissus rhombifolia or Grape Ivy. Medium light plants enjoy a place in the sun and can make do with a lot of indoor, man made light as well.

The High light ones will be those that require full or mostly full sun light for as long as possible. Contact a Chicago Florist to assist you in knowing which ones are best for your office. They can set a rental program to deliver them and visit every week or so to water and prune as well as removing those that are not thriving. This is an easy way to increase productivity and improve employee morale.

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