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Top Graphs You Can Usually See In A Business Dashboard Template

By Kristen Baird

It is only natural for businesses to take advantage of dashboards. After all, this is what is required of them so that they may project their revenue, performance, sales, and any other number-related data for their company. This is the primary function of the dashboards, after all. You can basically use it for your company.

It should not be a difficult task for you to make good use of the dashboards. In fact, it will be easier for you to use dashboards when you try a business dashboard template. If you apply your data on templates, then you can complete your number solution in no time. You better pick the best one of the lot for this.

Speaking of graphs, you are bound to see a bunch of them when you use the dashboards. These visual aids help in making the audience see the progress or setback that the company is experiencing in one glass. No need to read through a series of text just to get an idea on what the numbers related to your company.

The graphs are really helpful to you. That is why, you should make sure to pick the right graphs to project the day you got. There are some common graphs that you will not be shocked to see in the dashboards. Here are those common graphs you can easily use when you are projecting your important data in the dashboards.

First, you can use a column chart. The said chart can be said as the bread-and-butter for any report. It shows, in one simple glance, which ones has a high number and which ones has a low number. You can easily tell these because the length of the column will represent the number of that data.

Bar charts are also common when it comes to this. The bar charts are the same with column charts, it is just that they are horizontally-oriented. Through the bar chart, you can easily compare the data that you have. This visual display is commonly used for comparing amount or frequency of occurrence of different data characteristics.

Line and point charts should be another common chart you can see in this solution. This is just basically all lines and points, as its name suggests. The points represent a series of data and the line is there to connect these points. This is the type of chart that is commonly used to represent or visualize trends.

The pie and donut charts can be used in the said report too. You can easily divide the pie and donut chart according to sectors. If you do that, then you can illustrate the frequency and magnitude of your date. Every sector will have an area that is directly proportional to the data number that they represent.

Map chart. The map chart can be used when your company has lots of branches all over the place. Through this, you can quantify your data into something useful. You can use variables like revenue, population, and customers all over your locations when you make use of the map chart during your report.

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