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How To Get The Most Out Of Your Business Fire Alarm

By Mark Mahaffey

Have you purchased a business fire alarm for your building? If so, you may have some questions regarding the best place to put it. First of all, if you have only purchased one, consider buying more. It is important to have as many as possible in order to keep you and your workers safe.

The reason is that the more business fire alarms you have, the more safe you and your employees will be when a fire breaks out. One of the smartest places to put it is up close to the ceiling. This is because the ceiling is the where the smoke accumulates.

Other good places to put these alarms include in offices, outside offices and also near the bathrooms. Also, put one where the water heater is stored, as this is a place where fires can start due to overheating of wires. Make sure that you put on your calendar to put new batteries in your alarms every six months.

Every few months, make sure you run a test on your alarms. There should be a test button on each component. Push the button and make sure that the alarm is in good working order. If it is not, contact your dealer to get it checked out.

If you work in a school, the best fire systems will be those that include a sprinkler system along with an business fire alarm system. Of course, the most important thing is to alert the people within the building that a fire is happening. But beyond that, any steps taken that may immediately reduce the fire is very helpful.

If the size of the fire is hot huge when the sprinkler system is triggered, then the water that comes from them may be sufficient to keep the fire small enough until the fire department arrives. Make sure that the system you purchase is equipped to actually make the sprinklers come on when the fire alarm sounds. The sooner you can get the water started, the better.

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