Document Cloud Really Looks Like An Exciting Proposition -


Document Cloud Really Looks Like An Exciting Proposition

By Loris F. Anders

Having your documents available everywhere is always nice. The Document Cloud was created to help journalists with their searching and publishing of documents that are used in the reporting business. It is not only used by journalists but also by researchers and archivists. Each person that used this can contribute so that others might be able to use the information as well.

Many journalists use this as a means to organize their stories and to add anything new before sending it to the catalogue for public use. It also helps the newsrooms in making their online presentation more interesting. To ensure that the document is published one will need to go to the Access Level from the edit menu.

For any information that is needed one is able to highlight it and make private notes. Each note that is written down will have its own specific URL so no one other that yourself will have access. If one would like readers to see these notes all that needs to be done is to point them to the passage that was marked.

When one is working on this network everything will remain private for as long as one wishes. Once it is shared it will then be another in the thousands of other important documents. These can then be viewed in the public catalog. Reporters and any public person will then be able to find those documents and this will lead them back to what one had written. Many documents such as court filings, legislations, memos, reports and meeting minutes are stored in the catalogue.

One will be able to open the published menu and click on the embedded document viewer. Here an additional piece can be filled in the dialog. Either the Related Article URL which allows the readers that have found this article first to still be able to see ones reporting. The Published URL might be able to be accessed at more URLs, one can specify which one the users can be sent to if it was found through this web program.

The first challenge they took upon themselves for 2014 was how to improve the internet for free expression and modernization. Everyone uses this form of communication every day, whether it is for information or just to keep in touch with those on the other side of the world. They are getting help from the Ford Foundation as well as Mozilla.

This will ensure that all information that is typed down will remain private until such a time as when it is ready to be shared. The amount of space is unlimited. This is where one can keep changing documents until they are ready to be published.

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