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Prevent False Alarms With Your Commercial Security System

By Mark Mahaffey

Have you ever had a false alarm with your commercial security system? If so, you may be interested in preventing them in the future. When systems alarm falsely, it can cause a hassle because the authorities end up coming to your business for no reason. This can end up costing you money!

While there are many reasons why commercial security systems alarm falsely, operator error is probably one of the most common. If your employees are not properly trained on how to run the system, they will likely make a mistake and cause it to trigger. You would be wise to train everyone on how to work the system correctly.

Some commercial security systems have motion detectors connected. If your system has these, they could cause a false alarm. If there is clutter or other small objects in the area of the detectors, these could get kicked or blown into the path of the monitored area. When this happens, the motion detectors may be tripped, causing a false alarm.

Since most systems have sensors on doors and windows, the seals need to be kept in good condition. If a door seal is bad, it may not shut correctly, or it may open just a bit in a gust of wind. If this happens the system can easily get triggered resulting in a false alarm. Be sure to have these seals checked frequently.

You will also want to make sure that your fire system is functioning properly. Smoke detectors, heat detectors and sprinkler systems can all malfunction if they are not maintained. Make sure wiring is intact and all batteries are fresh.

Owning a commercial security system is important for keep you and your employees as safe as possible, but false alarms can be frustrating. Avoid false alarms by making sure your workers know how to run it and by keeping it functioning correctly.

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