Use Business Camera Systems To Protect Your Business -


Use Business Camera Systems To Protect Your Business

By Mark Mahaffey

Even though nobody wants it to happen to them, the hard reality is that employees sometimes steal from their employers. And it is not an infrequent occurrence! Billions of dollars are lost each year because of employee theft. What makes it even worse is that this happens by people whom you trust - after all, you hired them!

So let's talk about some ways that you can reduce the risk of employee theft happening to you and your business. Do you currently do background checks on those you hire? If not, start doing that. Also, keep in mind that some employees are less likely to steal if they think there is a pretty good chance they will be caught - so make sure you let them know about your security plan.

Security lighting is also important. Often security lighting can refer to the lighting that is installed outside a business. But putting security lights inside is important too, and here's why: if someone breaks into your building at night, you want it to be very bright in side you store. This will ensure that people outside notice the robber and can maybe call for help.

Also, keep an eye on your employees and their personalities and habits. For example, have you noticed that one of you employees is a chronic liar? This is a warning sign that he might be prone to steal from you. What about substance abuse? If an employee abuses drugs or alcohol, this can also be a warning sign.

Another thing to keep an eye out for is if someone habitually breaks the rules and policies that you have set up. One way that you can know about this is by using plenty of business security cameras. These cameras can keep watch over your employees at all times, and will let you know what they are up to.

Do your employees ring up sales for each other? This is a prime opportunity for employees to steal from you. It would be very easy to reduce the price or to give substantial discounts to fellow employees. Make it a rule that only you ring up employee sales.

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