New York Network Security Company Offers Healthcare Industry IT Security Solutions -


New York Network Security Company Offers Healthcare Industry IT Security Solutions

By Lonnie Trevarthen

It is the responsibility of any health care company to serve the needs of employees, both medical and office workers. These medical records kept within its data bank must be kept confidential due to their sensitive nature. For this reason, a New York Network Security Company must take special care.

The initial protective precaution is to assign a name and password to all with authorized access. The policies are set by the administrator of the company. The data is monitored to assure it has not been accessed by unauthorized personnel.

The administrator uses all precautions available to keep the data bank confidential. A health care care company will use its own private network. Employees have only limited access. The responsibility of maintaining confidentiality is the main concern.

These records contain sensitive information on the health care history of each patient. It must be protected from outsiders while allowing instant access to physicians and nurses involved in direct care. Individuals higher up in the hierarchy of personnel will be allowed access.

A one-factor authentication process involve the use of an assigned name and unique password. But, this is not enough to protect patient information. A health care company requires more.

Two-factor authenticating requires one more layer. The user must enter a name, password and a software token. This is still not enough precaution against a breach.

Additional, precautionary measures are added to the regimen. One more step is required to open files. A fingerprint or retinal scan, which is unique to each individual is also needed.

Although a firewall is in place, all viruses may not be kept from invading the system. It may still be hacked by those who illegally obtain information. This would not be done by an employee, but, rather someone outside the company.

A health care system must be protected from those who would use the information kept for patient care and billing purposes. One thing that is effective is requiring personnel to change passwords frequently. When an employee loses her or his password, supervisory personnel must be present to authorize setting a new one.

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