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New York Network Security Company Provides Identity Management Services

By Nelson Cozad

Identity and access management (IAM) at the enterprise level is a complex set of processes and technologies that allow secure and effective management of a large number of users and their access to various system resources. New York Network Security companies are often called in by companies located all over the Northeast. Most of them are looking for a professional consultant to help with identity management services.

With the increasing number and complexity of all kinds of integrated systems that need to be plugged into each other, it's very hard for a bunch of IT guys sitting in a back room to do user management as it was done a few years ago. That was before the rise of ERP, cloud-based computing, smartphones and tablet apps, SaaS providers and other such innovations. The technology and software changes have made IAM projects a necessity and the most effective method.

An IAM project does need experienced networking professionals. That, however, is no reason why the whole process should be shrouded in confusion and complexity. Here is a look at the nuts and bolts and see how it works.

The easiest way to do this is to create PUT charts with three columns. This includes processes, user populations and target systems. Fill up each column with all the relevant data, and that creates the core of what must be done.

For instance, processes may include user onboarding and offboarding, password resets, single sign-on, etc. Target systems will include platforms such as ERP and CRM systems, mail servers, and standalone accounting and inventory software, etc. User populations, which are groups of users that need to be given access rights to these systems, will contain full-time and part-time employees, vendors, customers and so on.

The identities of users assigned to specific tasks are subject to frequent change, and the company's systems are also constantly being upgraded. This makes IAM projects ongoing endeavors that require daily attention. It's critical to design and implement it in such a way that the ongoing maintenance requires minimal resources and causes no disruption. This is where network security consultants in New York providing identity management services come into the picture.

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