Many Are Following The Opm3 Assessment Standard -


Many Are Following The Opm3 Assessment Standard

By Sally Delacruz

Organizations of every kind can probably benefit most from scrutinizing their project management processes and making a concerted effort to improve their outcome. With the OPM3 assessment model, this can easily be achieved. This can be translated to Organizational Project Management. It is a method which measures their potential and takes note of what preparations would need to be undertaken for success.

This model is interpreted as: Organizational Project Management Maturity Model sets the standard globally in Portfolio Management, Program Management, and Project Management, in reference to assessing and developing capabilities. It provides a plan for companies to fully comprehend their Organizational Project Management procedures and calculate their abilities. This helps in the path to improvement.

The organization is then advised of the choices for advancement, and they have the power to make the final decision, as to the plan of action that best suits their capabilities and requirements. The plan should be implemented to the last detail, so that the goal can be achieved correctly and efficiently. Each company is individual and unique so, the solutions to have to be unique for that particular problem and business if any.

The well trained consultants have the skills to help advice the path to success. Their implementation choices are just a guideline for improvement, but not a direct instruction. The business has the capacity to choose the appropriate method for change. They will then use the completed assessment to plan the potential steps needed to achieve performance and improve achievements or goals.

This is the most advantageous purpose of this type of model. It realizes future endeavors, utilizing the abilities at hand, in order to solve problems and to use their talents to turn each project into a success. There has to be a very strong bond between the plan and the execution of it.

Knowledge is power, and with this in hand, the organization can be advised as to what guidelines to follow in order to reach their projected goals and achievements. The highly trained organizational management staff helps organizations to find appropriate improvements and also to choose the appropriate ones most suited to their priorities and capabilities. When projects are taken on, it is imperative that the planning is undertaken with an eventual successful outcome in mind; however this is not beneficial to the company, unless a very strategic execution follows it up.

The proof is in the pudding as the saying goes. If the project proves to have a triumphant outcome, with the entire process being reliable and somewhat predictable, then the Model has succeeded in its overall goal. This ensures less hiccups and delays which could prove costly and damaging to the organization's service and integrity reputation.

The benefit of these strategies is the immense improvement of the business and how it works to achieve a beneficial goal. These relate to technical capabilities, services, costs and priorities in conjunction with the team's skills and knowledge. This amounts to a win-win situation which leads to an in- depth knowledge of the working of the intricate functions of the business. If needed the knowledgeable consultants can be a great source of support through each phase if required.

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