The Document Cloud Is A Must-Have Application For The Newsroom -


The Document Cloud Is A Must-Have Application For The Newsroom

By Loris F. Andres

Newsroom journalism is a field which calls for a considerable amount of multitasking and perusing large compilations of documents at times. This job is made much easier for the tech-savvy journalist with the Document Cloud software platform. Analysis, annotation, and publication of documents can be performed efficiently and quickly, making life a little easier for busy reporters and editors.

Sometimes users will wish to make their own private notes regarding a certain file that they don't necessarily want others to access, rather than having to stick rather cumbersome and not-so-private "Post-It" notes onto documents this app offers a better solution. The user can make notes on any part of the file and store them securely in a specially marked tab.

While some notes may be best kept private, there are other instances which require more than one person to collaborate on a particular issue so sharing of annotations is necessitated. Fortunately, this is also possible with this app, not only can users review each others annotations, but they can also arrange them into a presentation.

OpenCalais data extraction is another advantage this app offers. Specific names of places, people, organizations, and such can be scanned for in documents and identified. Custom searches and word-pairing are also possible. The API, or "application programming interface" makes this option available.

One other task this application is capable of is generating a timeline based on the dates contained in a specific document. Dates are scanned and sorted into a handy timeline of events. This facilitates presenting information in an orderly and logical manner.

Whether it's needed to analyze one file or an extensive collection of them, this tool can handle it all. Every reporting project will go off without a hitch with this highly useful app that will make such tasks as timeline production, data extraction, embedding compilations, and collaborating with others easy and straightforward.

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