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Learning From Lean Six Sigma Training

By Essie Osborn

Now in any manufacturing company, one method that is proven to be effective when it comes to boosting up sales would be none other than the lean six sigma method. This method is known to be able to decrease mistakes and inefficiencies in the system which would in turn boost up total sales for the company. Of course if one would want to learn this method, he would first have to study under the lean six sigma training program.

Now when one would first start his training, he has to first take note that this type of method comes from two separate methods put together to form one. These two methods are known as the lean manufacturing method and the six sigma method. They were combined so that companies who use them together would reach optimal productivity.

Now the first of the two that the trainer would be discussing would be the lean manufacturing method. If one is a beginner in this method, then this type of session will shed some light on it. In a nutshell, this method is a manufacturing method that would help lower down the total costs of production while still maintaining or increasing quality which would in turn result in an increase in profits.

As for the six sigma method, it is a method that would allow manufacturers to lessen the defects in the products. Basically, it would actually be a process that would help the manufacturers spot the processes that would produce inefficiencies in the manufacturing process. In a nutshell this method allows manufacturers to only have three point four defects out of a million.

Of course in order to learn both of them, one would have to undergo first the classroom session and the application. The lecture session would include theoretical concepts of these two methods. The application portion would make use of real life business cases or situations that would tweak the minds of the trainees so that they know how to properly apply the concepts.

After he has already studied how each of them individually work, then he may now start with integrating them. Now when they are combined, one will be learning the DMAIC process which is simply define, measure, analyze, improve, and control method. The main goal here is total elimination of useless processes and total optimization.

One would start by identifying the main problem that is apparent in the manufacturing process. From there, one has to measure how bad the problem is and do a full analysis of it before thinking of an actual solution to fix it. After fixing it, one has to now think of a way to improve the process and then have a system wherein maintenance can be done.

So basically, that is how this type of method actually works. Now the levels of the mastery of one in this art would mimic that of the ranking in martial arts. Basically, the ranking for this would be white belt, yellow belt, green belt, black belt, and the last one would be the master black belt wherein one is already a master of this method.

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