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A Guide To Six Sigma Certification Houston

By Jaclyn Hurley

You have probably heard of the term Six Sigma. The idea behind it is to help make people more professional and allow them to achieve their goals. However this is more than a vague philosophy and there are a number of Six Sigma certification Houston organisations that can help you to grow and develop, regardless of whether you are a CEO or someone within an organisation looking to get a promotion and get the big job you have always dreamed of.

There are a number of places in Houston TX that offer classes where you can learn about Six Sigma. As with any type of school or college these offer varying degrees of quality. In order to make sure you choose the right kind of organisation it helps to know the origin of the philosophy and what the organisation should be teaching you.

It was introduced in America around the mid Nineties and was adopted by one of the largest corporate entities in the United States. Since then it has become a philosophy that many businesses have used to further develop and grow themselves. Many people involved in the organisation are passionate about it and are keen to ensure that both they and their employees learn from this approach to business.

A good metaphor to explain Six Sigma is to imagine your business as a machine. In manufacturing terms a Six Sigma is something with an almost 100 per cent efficiency. In this context the device or product is practically flawless and has next to no recalls due to the efficiency of the manufacturing process.

This can also applied to other forms of business. The idea is to find any fundamental errors and eliminate them. For example if your work involved knocking on doors and asking people to get quotes you may be getting a low response rate. If customer feedback suggested that the people knocking on doors were rude then the rudeness would be the error you had to eliminate.

This could equally apply to someone who is trying to get a job. For example you may be someone who works hard but may have trouble with math. In this instance the key to getting your better promotion would be to improve your math skills. Admittedly this is a very broad example but serves as an illustration of how this process works.

The certification works on a similar method to martial arts. People start off as a green belt and work up to black belt. Each grade offers increasingly advanced methods of increased efficiency and removing errors from your work. As with any form of teaching the quality of the schools can vary.

As such there is no standardised Six Sigma certification. It is best to look online in order to get feedback from people who have used organisations in the past and to find out more about the teaching methods they use. Often this will be a mix of classwork and practical lessons. Use your regular search engine to find organisations in your local area to help you get the most out of your certification as well as getting feedback and advice from people who have been certified in the past.

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