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What Are Some Fine Lower Level Distribution Jobs

By George Dodson

Everyone has had the experience of buying something on the internet. When you decide, and click on the buy now button, you set a chain of events in action. The item you want is usually located at a distribution center. Once you click the buy now button, and the website or the company or you bought the product approves it, and enters it into their system, it goes off to this distribution center. After the computer has got to locate your item, it is tagged with a sticker having the relevant information and then shipped to your location. The item is loaded on the truck and is off to one of the major shipping companies that delivers the item to your door. The whole of this process is referred to as logistics and involves a supply chain.

As there are many buying deals that follow this process around the world, there are many opportunities that are related to this field.

Finding a good entry-level logistics job is good when considering working in this field. How do you go about that?

You will be required to find a company that avails you the opportunity of working with you in small groups. You need to ensure that they give you extensive training and an opportunity for you to advance when it presents itself.

You might need to get with a company that has a proven solid reputation and also a long record of stability. That way, you can trust that they have your best interest at heart.

Halliburton is one company that you can consider going to. They have provide some good entry-level logistic positions. You will be working under direct supervision and assist in packing and labeling cargo. You can also come up with the necessary paper work. You would ensure efficient movement of the products according to company policy. You would also help in maintaining the logs in the files necessary to comply with government regulations.

Halliburton is a large supply chain that gives employment to individuals the world over. You could work in New Guinea, the Middle East, or right here in the United States.

Another example of a company that works this way is TQL in Chicago. This company values good customer service and is also dedicated to technology. This means that while working for this company, you get exposed to some of the best technology and education in the logistics profession Many have intensive training program where you get to work alongside a successful account executive while still receiving a net salary.

You will be getting to build a client sales portfolio by examining your prospects through making sales calls. You can also help manage shipments ensuring that the goods get to the clients on time for their satisfaction.

With this company, 75% of TQM management is promoted from within.

These two companies are a good start of when considering an entry-level logistics job

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