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Facebook Marketing Tips - 3 That Really Work

By Abraham Joseph

Facebook is a wonderful marketing tool for you to use for your business, today nearly everyone uses Facebook on a daily basis in some form or another. Facebook should not replace your additional marketing strategies but can be added into your existing marketing forms.

There are many Facebook marketing tips that you can use, but only three should be considered, especially if you're just starting out.

When you set up a Facebook Page relating to your business the Page comes with standard tabs which will include the information on your company. You can extend and enhance the capabilities of the Facebook Page when you implement custom tabs. Your welcome page should have links that can direct customers to your products or services.

Second, you want to take advantage of Facebook advertising. The best way to start out is to purchase like campaigns. This will build the number of "likes" that you have on your page, adding social proof to the page itself.

If your product is fine wines, you can search for people who would more than likely want to know more. If you sell candy, there is a demographic for you, or if you are looking for pregnant moms, and your product fits that demographic, you will be able to market to that specific group of people.

One of the advantages of paid advertising is that you are able to stop on a campaign immediately if you decide the method you are using is not bringing in more business.

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