The Benefits Of Pre-Employment Testing For Employers And Employees -


The Benefits Of Pre-Employment Testing For Employers And Employees

By Bonnie Contreras

Nowadays, pre-employment testing is considered quite an essential part of screening possible employees, as the tests that are available are reasonably reliable and give the employer a good idea of the type of person he or she is hiring. There is a choice of several examinations, and many have been deemed to give trustworthy results. The tests show how honest a person is, and will show if they have had any negative past incidences in the working environment, such as accusations of theft or counterproductive activities.

An employer can use these tests to help him make a decision regarding which candidate to hire for the available position. If the person is shown to have been involved in robbery or if the person has been counterproductive in some way, the test will have a lower score. Tests like Personnel Reaction Blank, the Stanton Survey and the Reid Report can then determine how likely the undesirable activity is to reoccur.

Since the 1980's, more and more employers are using reliable honesty tests to help them with their human resources needs. They are even regarded as better than polygraph tests. The Polygraph tests have also been discontinued for the purpose of employee checks due to an act that was passed in 1988, which is referred to as the Worker Polygraph Protection Act, 1988 (EPPA).

The two kinds of tests associated with integrity assessing are termed as overt and as personality-based actions. The overt check assists to identify the worker's character toward robbery and counterproductive habits. The personality-based actions obtains the exact measures of past robbery and counterproductive habits in the prospective employee's history.

Assessments, although often considered reliable, cannot be totally trusted, and a bit of rationality is sometimes required. Some tests are much better than others, and there are often several ways of setting up the assessment. If it needs to be used in a court then it should not produce any adverse effects.

These types of assessments are very useful to someone who needs to hire staff for their business. They will be able to find out more information about the prospective, and will find out if the person will be worth the money he or she plans to spend. A company may need to offer funding for a new employee's training and licenses, etc. And needs to know that the person will be worthwhile the expense.

Furthermore, it is important that an employer is able to assess whether a potential employee is able to carry out the tasks of the position offered. The person should be physically and mentally capable of the work. For example, someone who will work fighting fires needs a different kind of fitness than an office worker.

Some things that pre-employment testing could show may include if the candidate can physically climb or run, and if the person can speak English well. There will also be many other things the test results will reveal. The tests are not only beneficial for employers, but also for employees. Employees will also find out if they are able to do the work, and if their time and effort will be rewarded.

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