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How Are Social Networks And IT Linked Together?

By Joseph B. Kappernick

Social media marketing has been very effective in increasing brand awareness and promoting a business. With millions of people logging in to social networking sites every day, businesses can take advantage of his broad market reach. However, are social networks and IT purchases connected? How are social networks influencing IT purchasing right now?

Don't get this wrong, you're not reading something about how IT businesses can benefit from social networks. Rather, it's almost the other way around. IT purchasing decisions today rely heavily on social networks to get them through the buying process. IT decision makers were surveyed and the results showed that 85 percent of them uses one social network to help them in buying decisions. This just shows how relevant social networks are today.

According to a survey, IT decision makers heavily rely on social networks to assist them in making purchases and buying decisions. There were 85 percent of subjects that chose to find information on social networks first before dishing out money. How relevant is this relationship? What are the other things you must know:

* A survey named "IT Purchasing Goes Social" interviewed 400 IT decision makers. 73 percent of the subjects have purchased from a seller promoting on a social network.

* According to the same survey, 60 percent said that their purchasing decisions were influenced by social networks.

* Why do they need social networks to help in the decision making? That's because decision makers want to hear from trusted sources (buyers like them), to gather information on a product quickly and to gain access to a network of IT decision makers.

Does this mean that you have to consult social networking sites first before you make an IT purchase? You can as this will benefit you from making wrong purchasing decisions. You can try looking for groups like IT Spend Management on LinkedIn. It's a group where IT decision makers join together to share opinions, feedback and insights with one another. There is no biased information here. Everyone is helping each other get their money's worth.

With the continuous advancement in technology, IT purchases will continue to evolve too. Although there are still plenty of areas unexplored between the social networks and IT relationship, you can expect that social networks will continue to play a more vital role in the future. One thing that we can all look forward to is if social networks can actually hurt IT purchases too?

We all have to wait and see for developments. But for now, IT decision makers can take advantage of this relationship and make smarter purchases from now on.

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