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Another Reason To Consider Third-Party Support Providers

By Joseph B. Kappernick

Most people will not argue that the number one benefit of choosing a third-party support provider over a vendor is the lower cost. Vendors typically charge a much higher price for the same or comparable service offered by a third-party alternative. But, cost isn't the only reason you should consider other options - the second best reason is almost as compelling as the first.

Vendors will often stop offering support on products that are still functioning in the network and have many good years left in them. Opting for third-party support will save you time and money if the vendor decides it is time to phase out service on products, like hardware, you have purchased.

The hardware available today is designed to last a very long time without needing to be replaced. But, vendors regularly discontinue service on these types of products, forcing companies to spend money on costly and unnecessary upgrades. This puts businesses in an never-ending buy-support-retire cycle that wastes valuable IT investment dollars, as well as perfectly good equipment.

This budget-busting situation can be avoided by using a third-party option that provides support services on many items that the vendor considers to be obsolete or no longer supports. Third-party providers also often buy up these products right before end-of-life, giving companies a way to replace or add hardware despite discontinuation. So, in addition to providing support at a much lower cost, third-party options also help extend the value and longevity of your current hardware.

Too many businesses today lose money by discarding perfectly good equipment when the vendor stops support service to make room for the next generation. Say "no" to unnecessary upgrades by choosing a third-party support option that can provide low-cost service and extend the life of your systems.

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