Relevant Information On Oilfield Solutions -


Relevant Information On Oilfield Solutions

By Cornelia Reyes

With the problems facing the oil and gas industry, clear oilfield solutions are needed to ensure that such do not cause any complications. Massive platforms and machinery that are continuous in their operation are required for effective processes. Before crude oil can be processed, the material needs to be transported and then stored inside the huge vessels. The use of other auxiliaries such as the oil heaters, filters and equipments is essential in this industry.

Petroleum is naturally difficult to clean especially diesel which is much heavier than petrol. What makes the process complex is the fact that water and oil do not mix. In addition, it is hard for a person to rinse the cleaners off the machines and equipments into land or ocean due to environmental issues. Even when tidiness is a virtue, downtime must always be kept to minimal. These are among the challenges that are faced when the equipments are being cleaned.

While the offshore rigs and the oilfields cannot be encountered by the public, ensuring that they are clean is essential for all organizations that need to maximize the life of these machines. The buildup of oil and other deposits make the field and equipments unsightly. Such residues have the potential to cause corrosion on the rigs thus hindering proper operations and interfering with routine repair and maintenance.

Fortunately, there are Eco-friendly solutions that are geared towards preventing such matters from occurring. Modern rig cleaners have been developed from non-toxic materials which are plant-based. The ingredients produce colloidal suspension which is very much concentrated. When this is mixed with water, it creates a solution that contains particles which are able to penetrate grease and oil at molecular level.

Single molecules of oil are attached in colloidal suspensions. Here the bacteria found in the oil attacks and consumes the molecules of oil owing to the increase in surface area of the solution and the small molecule sizes. The non-toxic solvent is able to facilitate and speed up the bio-degradation process.

Combination of efficient bacteria, natural non-toxic elements and the colloidal solution characteristics is important since it helps to make the process of cleaning faster, convenient and also Eco-friendly. The waste derived from this process is normally biodegradable. As a result, it possible for the cleaning process to be conducted at the wash racks, on the oilfield and in the ocean. Apart from that, natural oil rig cleaners may be used on a polished aluminum surface without causing damage.

Another clear solution is the use of the heavy duty De-greasers which are suitable in cleaning rigs and other oil and gas equipments. These are non-toxic plant based cleaners. They normally form nano-particles hence providing an Eco-friendly option that will tackle hydrocarbon residue deposited on the machines, rigs, tanks and vehicles effectively.

Since oil and grease are notoriously difficult to clean, oilfield solutions that are Eco-friendly have been developed to accelerate the bio-degradation process. For this reason, it is possible for the technicians and engineers to successfully wash their equipments and machines without necessarily using the harmful caustic cleaners. This is also important since it helps to protect the environment from degradation.

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