Primary Issues In HR -


Primary Issues In HR

By Joseph Jacob

Most of the HR functions including recruitment and selections, efficiency management and training and development have to face a lot of challenges.

Moreover, HR experiences many problems when dealing with conflict resolution and employee security. Not every organization deal with HR problems in the same way. The responses may differ according to the guidelines and techniques, as well as the HR policies of a particular organization. Working with key HR problems is an ongoing process of most of the organizations.

Handling employees to sustain a stable manufacturing process is one of the key requirements of HRM. HR managers are accountable to handle individual employees, groups, working changes, and rewards like bonuses to sustain the highest possible efficiency. All the above actions have interconnections. Hence, changes of one activity may impact to all the other actions. Hence, it is very difficult to handle these features and HR managers always face problems when working with manufacturing issues.

Key problems also occur when hiring individuals to the company. Discovering the most appropriate person for a job is not simple. HR individuals should work hard to find individuals by attending for works such as participating in job fairs and advertising. Gaining applicants for a particular job is not so simple. It is necessary to emphasize the benefits of the job. There is a huge competition among the business companies to hire experienced employees. Therefore, HR individuals should always battle to entice experienced individuals.

Training and development is another requirement of business companies. Every organization has its own guidelines and techniques. Every worker in the organization should adhere to them. The HR division is completely accountable for this operation. They have to arrange their training sessions and workshops without disturbing to the organization's efficiency or its functions. It is one big task that most of the HR needs to perform.

Also, they should be done according to the budgets allocated. HR people face lots of difficulties when doing these things.

One worker is different than another one. Their skills, education levels, experiences, attitudes may vary from one to another. Hence, conflicts may arise between different parties in the organization when working together. HRM is solely responsible to solve organization conflicts. Conflict resolution is very difficult and tricky. HR people always try to solve conflicts without affecting badly to any of the parties in the company. Because recruiting a new one and giving him the training is expensive than retaining the existing employee.

HR people experience many problems when working with above things. They are very challenging, and plenty of initiatives need to find appropriate alternatives. However, HR people are always having difficulties to fix these key problems because the achievements of any company are suffering from these problems.

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